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Community News

Thursday, January 12
7:00 PM Choir Practice

Friday, January 13
Rector's Sabbath Day
Bereavement Group in Rector's Office (For meeting time call office thursday by noon)

Saturday, January 14
8:30 AM ECM w/breakfast

Sunday, January 15

The Second Sunday After Ephiphany
7:30, 8:30, & 11:00 AM Holy Eucharist
8:30 - 10:45 Coffee Hour
10:00 AM Sunday School
5:00 PM Fr. Robinson's Bible Study
5:30 PM EYC
5:30 PM Divorce Recovery Group

Monday, January 16
Martin Luther King Holiday
**Office Closed**

Tuesday, January 17

Wednesday, January 18
10:30 AM Bible Study
12:10 PM Holy Eucharist w/Unction
7:00 PM Prayer, Praise & Healing Service

Thursday, January 19
5:30 PM Finance Meeting
7:00 PM Choir Practice

Friday, January 20
Bereavement Group in Rector's Office (For meeting time call office thursday by noon)

Saturday, January 21
8:30 AM BSA
8:30 AM Ultreya Breakfast

Praise the Lord together singing "Alleluia".
Wednesday night prayer/praise & healing service
7:00 - 8:30 PM

Welcome to St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Of Flagler County, Florida
5400 Belle Terre Pkwy, Palm Coast


St. Thomas Episcopal Church Trip

Road trips can be a bucket load of fun, but sometimes they can lead to some unpredictable events. Take, for instance, what our churchgoers experienced while we went on church trips throughout Georgia. As a group, we had two tour vans. We went sightseeing between a few different cities, as well as got together with a few other church communities.

Everyone enjoyed all of the tourist destinations, while we also made several new friends along the way. All went exceptionally well, until right after we departed the Columbus Botanical Garden at the tail end of the trip. That’s when things started to take a turn for the worse.

As we exited Columbus on Rt 280, one of our vans drove over a piece of wood with a nail sticking out of it, which resulted in two blown out tires! It was a scary moment; the van fishtailed and swerved into the next lane a few times. However, the lord was on our side, and we were able to maintain control to pull the vehicle onto the shoulder of the highway. It didn’t help that the roads were still wet and slippery from a heavy rainstorm.

What complicated the situation a little more, was that the other van was in front of the pack, so we needed to call them up to let them know what happened. Everyone was a little shaken up, but once the other van turned around and caught back up with us, people seemed to calm down, especially since one of our members in the other van was a mechanic by trade.

While on the side of the highway, the rain picked back up, and a few of the guys tried
getting the tires off, only to replace them with the two spares from both vehicles. But without the proper tools in hand, they couldn’t get the job done. So, instead of trying to fix the tire ourselves, we decided to call up a local towing company.

We called up several companies, but a few of them didn’t answer their phones. Then we called up Tow Truck Columbus, and they were very professional. Luckily we didn’t have to wait very long.

Our tow truck driver was amicable and professional. He was a blessing, and we learned that he belonged to one of the churches that we met up with in Columbus. He ended up giving us a 25% discount from what they usually charge for customers.

After he loaded up our van onto the flatbed, he took us to one of the local tire shops in town. The tire shop owner also belonged to the same church as our driver, and we were able to get a 20% discount on our tires. Everyone was so helpful!

While we were very fortunate that nobody got hurt, the incident was a reality check that anything can happen at any given moment. God tells us to love our brothers and sisters.

With this incident, they indeed came to our rescue and helped us save as much as
they were allowed to offer.

Once we got the new tires on, the weather cleared up, and we got back on the road. All in all, we were only delayed by about 3 hours. We’re so fortunate that the right people came to our assistance.